All About My Wedding Day 03.09.2016.

Hello My Beautiful Friends,

How are you doing? Long time no talk… You won’t even believe the frustration I felt half an hour ago. Apparently, I left my precious laptop in the office and I can’t just swing by and get it cause it takes 30 mins to get there and 30 more mins to get back home, so I would’ve lost a lot of time if I did that. Fortunately, my hubby lent me his, thankfully he’s too busy putting together furnitures right now so the computer is all mine. Yaaaay. 🙂

I think it’s safe to say that I left the most intense part of my life so far behind. As you could tell, I haven’t been around lately. Since we got back from Italy in July I was so busy planning our wedding that I just couldn’t focus on anything else. Then, we went straight to our honeymoon for two weeks where I was trying to get my emotions back into order because this significant event definitely took its toll on me. Although I could not have wished for a more perfect day, I was completely overwhelmed by emotions. This is one of the reasons why I couldn’t get myself to write about it. I’m actually fighting with my tears right now because it was such a beautiful, emotional day that I just can’t keep the happy tears inside for too long.

I’m so so grateful to my Mom, my bridesmaids, my in-laws, friends and of course my amazing husband for helping me create the day we were dreaming of for so long. You are the best and I don’t know what I’d do without you. I’m the luckiest person for having you in my life… (yepp, I’m crying…again…haha)



So let me start at the very beginning. The night before the wedding. I always thought that I’ll be spending my last night as a “maiden” together with my friends and Mom. I kinda got my wish because one of my amazing bridesmaids came to keep me company. So we went out for dinner and then we got to see the cake that just had been shipped to the location of the reception and also the designer of my beautiful wedding gown arrived with The Dress and all the other gorgeous creations for my girls and Mom. I was wearing a SPOSA by Vanda Szigeti tulle wedding gown in blush pink. It was dreamy. Vanda is famous for presentation: she surprised me with a huge box labelled with her brand. The kinda box you see in Sex and The City ya know when Carrie gets that breathtaking Vivian Westwood dress? I mean…I was speechless. I felt like I won the lottery. At that point, I was already shaken up by the reality of the situation. As we hung up my wedding dress I got hit by this unspeakable joyful felling that it’s really happening. 

At that point, some of the guests who came from more distant parts of the country arrived and it was so soothing to see them and talk to them a few words. Everyone had something kind to say to me and literally each and every one of them tried to make me feel calm and assure me that the weather will be perfect the next day. The decorators also arrived the night before and when I saw their truck I felt at ease knowing that the decoration also got here in one piece.



I need to mention Emese and Norbi from Natural Wedding Decor. I remember the day I found them online. I was amazed by the work and unique ideas they brought to life and how they managed to make every theme personal yet tasteful. In my first letter I wrote to them I said that I was happy to see a website that actually made my chin drop and end on “.hu” instead of “.com”. I was convinced that I won’t find a decorator that represents a similar style as I do but this awfully kind couple made our wedding look like a romantic, boho-chic Pinterest board.



Let me move on to the actual day of the wedding. I woke up pretty early so Patri and I rushed to the location to be there by 8 am. It was a beautiful morning: a bit chilly but then the Sun made sure we take off our cardigans. Our venue hosted both the ceremony and the reception. It’s a large manor in Sarvar with horses, goats, bunnies and there’s even a deer. We got lucky because they just renovated a huge building-that btw used to be a staple-to make it into a event hall with a fully equipped kitchen to host dinners. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. In Hungary, weddings like ours are just about to get popular so it was fascinating to see that people at the manor weren’t completely abashed when we asked for an old barrow to put some drinks in at the picnic. A huge huge thanks for their flexible attitude and all the work they’ve done to make sure everything was in place.


After my talented makeup artists, Rita finished making my wedding-day make up look, my hair was in order. I wanted a really romantic, braided hairstyle and Oliver did a fantastic job making my wish come true.




I’m not sure if it was a good idea to make myself picture perfect when after a couple minutes I ended up crying my freaking eyes out as Mom gave me gifts. She’s the most creative person by the way when it comes to making people cry. I think I was loudly sobbing when she gave me the bracelet she wore at her own wedding along with a picture of my Dad. The other gifts were really personal and I won’t get into that but I shure as hell lost it…


At about 3 pm we did the “first look”. I can’t wait to see our faces on the video and wedding photos because I feel like I hardly remember anything but still the emotions were so intense I can’t forget the feeling that took me over when I saw my handsome groom. My Mom, bridesmaids and groomsmen were all there to cheer and at that point nothing in the world could’ve ruined my mood.


At 4 pm the ceremonies were in order. Our marriage registrar was the kindest lady ever because she let us decide what to include in the ceremony and she respected all the things we didn’t. Then, since my Mom and I are both believers of the bahá’í faith our great friends were kind enough to conduct the religious part of our big day. In our faith, there’s no scheme to follow when promising your love and devotion to the other person. You can choose your own way of doing that. There’s only one sentence that has to be said out loud in front of two bahá’í friends. It was beautiful, full of love and so much sentiment that my tears were pouring freely down my face. At that point, I didn’t care. I was just present and went with the flow. We decided to say prayers before the vows. I have muslim roots on my Dad’s side and catholic roots from my Mom’s side so we chose to say one prayer of each religion because as bahais we believe in the unity of religions and mankind. Neither is better and the other. Neither is more kind to God than the other. The catholic prayer was told by my godmother (I was baptized when I was little) and the muslim one was told by my childhood friend who also has arabic roots from her Dad’s side. It felt like each and every phase of my life was represented by a significant person. My life was lining up in front of me like a lane of memories. 


After the formal part was over we took pictures and had a picnic under the shades of the monstrous trees of the manor. Our wedding photographer Borcsaphoto is basically my hero for taking the whole day like a champ. She cried with us, laughed with us and I think it’s safe to say that we became true friends that day. I’m so thankful that life lead me to such a talented, creative and admirable human like her. I’m sure all our wedding pics will turn out beautifully.


After the picnic it was time to prep for dinner. Our DJ and MC (Master of Ceremony) did a great job announcing us as newlyweds and when we entered the hall full of people all cheering, I really felt like I was in a movie. Dinner went well, I didn’t really have an appetite but the food still felt good as it hit my stomach. After that, there was dancing, cake, laughter and so much happiness that’ll definitely last for a lifetime. I’ll include some pictures that my bridesmaid’s little sister took throughout that day and stay tuned for the professional ones too. They’ll be here soon along with the video. 🙂


I hope you enjoyed reading this very detailed post about the best day of my life when I married my everything, Adam.

I’ll be back soon! 🙂

Love and hugs,


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