The Skater Dress: Outfit For A Downtown Stroll

Hello Lovelies,

How are things? 🙂 I hope you’re doing great. Let me share with you a quick fashion inspiration today. I got lucky here in Ventura, because there’s a store called Urban Outfitters right on Main Street, about 10 minutes walk from our hotel. It’s a quite popular and fun place to shop at here in the US and I usually turn into an overly excited tourist whenever I see all the cool books, phone cases and those adorable little polaroid cameras that have been trending now for months. It’s important to mention that Urban Outfitters is first and foremost a clothing store but then again, it’s just so much more than that. It offers tiny little things and gadgets too that just bring a smile on your face and make you super happy. I call these things loving objects because I feel like they really want to make me happy. 🙂

UO communicates really laid back, fresh and a bit spicy trends through their collections which is completely in tune with the “young, free, independent, travelled, practical and smart” new generation. You can find the ultimate basics like simple T-shirts or cheeky jean shorts but then there’re the lacy rompers and boho dresses that tend to show lots of skin.

This time around, I found a khaki skater dress that inspired me to put an outfit together and truly embrace the “California style”. The material was the thing that completely swept me off my feet. The dress feels almost like silk against the body. It draws attention to all the right places but covers up where necessary. It’s such a simple yet compact piece to wear. You can dress it up or dress it down, it’ll always look flattering.



This time, I went for that effortless laid back, skater girl look. I added a pair of white converse and a flower-choker because the ’90s are just cool. My crescent necklace is actually from the Santa Barbara Art Market. It was hand made by a very talented lady and it’s just so special. Unique things like this never go out of style. Oh and let’s not forget about the Clubmaster sunnies. I like my Ray Bans not only because with a pair of high quality lenses I can be sure that my eyes are being protected from harmful UV rays but this stylish frame is truly timeless.


Are you a tomboy but you still want to feel girly? Then this is the look for you. Own the flowy dress, show the world that you’re the queen of downtown.


Love and hugs,


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