Yoga Abroad: A Refreshing Class At Yoga Jones

Hello My Beautiful Friends,

How are you today? I can’t even believe how fast the first half of my trip in California passed by. We did so many exciting things, met amazing people, saw so many wonders. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that Yoga plays a huge part in my life and when I have the opportunity to discover new places, I usually like to pick out a professional Yoga studio that’ll guide me through the asanas properly. Attending a class here in America has always been a lifelong dream of mine and since my Mom is just as passionate about improving her Yoga skills as I am, we decided to go to a class at a place called Yoga Jones in Ventura.

Let me tell you about the technical details first. The location is right downtown, on South Oak Street. We used a GPS to get there but if you check out Yoga Jones’s webpage you’ll find a pretty detailed description about how to find them which is really convenient and thoughtful. I enrolled online 1 day before the class so I didn’t have to worry about that part by the time the actual class rolled around. It’s so easy to navigate through the steps on their web shop too.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

The studio is incredibly homey, friendly and inviting and also well-equipped. We brought our own yoga mats but you’re free to use the on-sight mats too. The classes vary from beginner to advanced so you can choose from more than 20 different courses and the detailed descriptions will let you decided which program fits you best. We decided to take class “Level 1-2” which is basically for those who already know the basics of yoga but not prepared for advanced exercises yet. I feel like this class really challenges the stamina and helps strengthening all the places that play a huge part in carrying out the asanas the right way. The classes are usually 90 minutes long. They start with a warmup, then the heavier “stuff” follows that’ll definitely make you sweat, work your muscles and balance but while my heart was beating out of my chest, sweat was running down my back like a river, I felt at ease, peaceful and it was in that moment that I realised how much I actually needed this. The class ended with a “Yoga nap” which is a couple minutes of meditative rest while you’re lying on the ground with your eyes closed. When I opened my eyes I felt 10 years younger. 🙂



The post wouldn’t be complete without telling you a little bit about the amazing teacher, the “Mama of Yoga Jones”, Tina Chappel. After class, she was kind enough to tell me about the studio she opened up in 2003 and how she considers it her “baby”. The name comes from a drug -related phenomenon in the 70s and 80s when drug addiction really took its tall on many people’s life. “Jonesing” means having a really strong need and desire to something. Since drug is strongly addictive the addict will feel almost unbearable need to have it again an again. This is what happened to Tina when she first started practising Yoga. She just couldn’t get enough. But Yoga is something that builds you up instead of destroying your humanity like most drugs would do. What a beautiful way to turn this negative meaning around. She also told me that Ventura is a place where most people are from the working class and “Jones” is a pretty common last name to have. Using this name also sends the message that Yoga is really for every one regardless of social status, age, gender, race or nationality.

She was incredibly loving and genuine about the physical and spiritual work herself and the other instructors are aiming to practice through teaching. When I told her about my blog, and how I wanted to feature the Studio, she instantly gave me a quick tour of the building and magical garden they call “Heartspace”. And I just couldn’t get over the fact that she looks absolutely fantastic and stunning confuting her age. 🙂

I highly recommend paying a visit to Yoga Jones when you’re in Ventura. You get 90 minutes of complete makeover through the amazing practise and the wise teachings that really make the class meaningful and will make you more mindful. Yoga does keep you young, inside and out so I hope this post will help you find inspiration to get to know more. Tina definitely became mine. Thank you for an amazing experience!


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