Travel Journal: 4th of July in Ventura

Hello My Beautiful Friends,

How are you today? I just wanted to give you the heads up and let you know that I’m on vacation with my Mom in the US. We left on the 3rd of July and we’ll be here till the 18th. I’d like to thank my beautiful and generous Mother for bringing me along and I also wan to thank God for getting us here safe and sound.

I know that in Hungary it’s actually morning already while here on the west coast we’re about to go to sleep. I’m not particularly jet lagged but since we took a pretty long nap in the afternoon, I don’t feel sleepy at all so I decided to start a travel journal. I’ll share some pics and tips with you in case you ever get to visit California or if you’re simply interested in getting to know the area.

Let me start at the beginning. 🙂 We started our trip from Szombathely, Hungary where I live with Adam. It was July 3rd, super early in the morning when we left for the Vienna International Airport which is about 2 hours away from home. Then we flew to London where we had to wait around 5 hours for the connecting overseas flight. We travelled with British Airways. I highly recommend choosing this airline because you get a friendly, customer centred service that makes your time both on the plane and on the ground pleasant. It takes 10 hours 30 minutes to get to LAX from London and then it’s time to get through customs. Everything went smooth. My heart filled up with emotions when we finally got off the plane and I saw the huge American flag and President Obama’s portrait on the wall. It took me a couple minutes to take it all in and let reality hit me: “We’re really here in the other side of the world.”

We had a shuttle bus (Roadrunner Shuttle) booked that picked us up at the airport to take us to our hotel (Best Western Plus Inn of Ventura). We fell asleep quickly and had a relaxing night. This morning, we woke up pretty early, with an empty stomach so we rushed to have breakfast. There was an adorable elderly couple dining at the neighbouring table and the lady walked up to ask where we were from cause she could hear that we were speaking some sort of foreign, weird sounding language. That’s one thing I love in America. It’s so easy to get into conversations with people. Most of them smile at you, say hi to you and they really like to hear about where you come from.  I could practice some English, and my day started out perfect.



Then, we took a long walk on the Pier and on the beach. There were people running, power walking, surfing and just chilling. Almost everybody was wearing something red, white and blue. There was laughter, and a certain kind of light-heartedness in the air that just brought pride and happiness into my heart. I felt so American. I felt like I was fitting in and I know that my heart belongs here even if I don’t have papers about it. This is my kind of lifestyle and mindset. Being active, being positive, being proud to belong to a nation without discriminating or excluding others, even though there are so many horrible things on the news every day.


I love it all.


Fashion wise, I put together a simple yet romantic and fun outfit. I wanted to wear  blue and white with stripes so I ended up buying this girly top in H&M. I paired it with my favourite skinny jeans and a pair of white Converse (what’s more American than Converse, right? 🙂 ). I guess the icing on the cake was this cute little fake flower crown also from H&M that made the look super cute, and a bit boho and added a pop of red to the look. I put my hair in a side braid, put on a little bit of makeup and I was ready to go. Unfortunately, we slept in and we weren’t able to catch the best of light for fashion pics but the sunset was still spectacular.

I’m still trying to process that I’m here, that I walk on American ground, on the 4th of July and that I can actually cross an item off of my bucket list. Thank you God and thank you Mom.


Love and hugs,



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