Find Your Inner Ballerina

Hello My Beautiful People,

How are you on this gorgeous summer day? I’m back with another post and today’s topic is again something that’s really close to my heart not only because I’m gonna show you a couple pictures of my latest photo shoot with the absolutely talented Bori BORCSAPHOTO but also because fluffy tutus make my heart skip a beat when I put them on. Thanks so much to Vanda Szigeti for designing this breathtaking tulle skirt so I could reconnect with the ballet dancer in me. 🙂

When I was a little girl-about 10-14 years old-I went through a phase of fan girling over ballerinas. To be honest, I’ve never really stopped gushing over them. I’ve never been a ballerina-material since I was quite chubby and by the time I fell in love with the art of ballet it was too late. My parents though encouraged me to go on classes just as a hobby so I did and I met the most amazing teacher ever. It’s safe to say that she was one of the most influential women in my life. The first thing that completely blew me away was how confident and straight her posture was. She moved smoothly, elegantly and even after bringing her beautiful children into this world her body looked flawless. She taught us to pay attention and focus even after the hundredth repetition, she taught us humility, respect and obedience. When you’re a dancer, these values help you through the trying times of life but they’re also qualities that each and every one of us should own.


Ballet taught me how to be feminine but also taught me to always tune my girly side with a strong and confident heart that can’t be broken easily. Standing on a point shoe looks so easy but it takes an extremely large amount of physical and emotional strength to actually carry out the movement.


The truth is that behind every impressive routine there’s hours and days of practice, there’s a firm will that keeps those dancers going and sometimes there’s suffering. Ballet dancing sounds a lot like life itself, isn’t it? If you learn to dance, you learn to live. You’ll get all the necessary tools that life requires in order to strengthen your mind, body and soul.

This is especially important for us girls and women. We need to take care of our bodies physically, to maintain a great shape, a healthy lifestyle but our looks don’t worth a penny if it isn’t backed up with the right values. So caring for our mind and soul is just as essential. We women are the symbol of purity, delicacy, beauty, elegance and fertility but our hearts should be a symbol of strength, confidence, persistence and devotion. 


If you live in Hungary, in the Szombathely area and want to try ballet dancing, definitely check out Attitude Ballet School.

Have a wonderful rest of the week, my loves!

Love and hugs,


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