Let’s Play a Game

Hey Guys,

Today’s post is a bit different. Let’s play a game. When I was first dating Adam, he suggested playing a game which was probably the most romantic, creative, and beautiful experiences of my life. I thought, I should share this with you because whenever I don’t feel like writing about something practical, this can take fiction to the next level. 🙂

I give you a song. You need to click on the link ( click here ) and listen to it while reading. This is very important otherwise you won’t be able to experience the story at it’s full potential. Listen to the song once without reading before getting into the story itself. Let yourself imagine colours, words, feelings and relax. Now put the song on repeat and keep reading. This is the story I created in my head while listening…

It was a chilly spring morning. The Sun rose early waking up the birds who then called the world to life with their vigorous chirping. There’s something magical in the hours of dawn. The promise of a new day, the possibility that miracles could happen made the hairs on her back stand up. She was standing at a railway station, waiting for her ride,  and watched people go about their businesses. Seeing them kept reminding her that there’s a special someone for everyone in this world. Sometimes even more than one and it’s probably today  when the magic of finding them will happen. Who knows. Maybe on the train. Getting on felt like opening up to a possibility. She always felt a weird vibration rushing through her bones whenever she climbed up on the carriage. The train started moving, rushing through the endless fields of the countryside that she loved and hated so much, it hurt. Not paying attention to her surrounding she was desperately trying to find a comfortable spot for her suitcase that was her life for months now. Then when she finally settled in her seat she noticed a pair of deep brown eyes gazing right at her. Without even bothering to take a look at the rest of the face, she kept holding his gaze and it was so intense, that the air got 50 degrees warmer. The tension was thick and unexplainable. It was just there, waiting to be dissolved. The moment was abruptly broken by the raspy voice of the ticket inspector and the uncomfortable reality made the girl and the mysterious brown-eyed stranger shuffle around in their seats, avoiding each others eyes. The girl fixated her look on the window in order to act somewhat normal and to ignore her racing heartbeat and nausea caused by the butterflies in her stomach. But those chestnut irises found her reflection on the dirty glass and held her captive for the rest of the way. This time she let those eyes talk and without words, two souls carried out a conversation by changing smiles, knowing looks and obvious desire to know more. Golden rays of the rising Sun kept filtering in through the blinds and that chestnut colour now turned into a golden brown, like silky, melted chocolate. The girl felt like everything was happening in slow motion just like in a movie. Sounds started fading out, the bumps of the jumpy railway tracks were replaced by a feeling of weightlessness. And in the course of that couple of minutes God showed her what happiness really was, that the best things in life are moments like this, when your soul connects to an other even if it’s only for a few seconds. Then the train stopped. The man collected his luggages and with one last glance he said goodbye. They never saw each other again but their spirits will forever be connected. She felt happy that morning. And without expectations she carried on her journey as a grateful smile settled on her face.

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