Life Update: Moving, Getting a Puppy and Stuff

Hello My Precious Friends,

How are you today? I feel like I owe you guys an apology since I didn’t post this Wednesday. Actually, I live a really really busy phase of my life right now, which is good since tasks make me feel alive but I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and really write about either of the topics I discuss on my blog. You know the feeling when certain things just keep popping up in your head, get into your focus like an annoyingly good song with a catchy chorus. Yepp, I’m dealing with stuff right now that command my full attention but I felt so off without posting that I feel like I need to write something, even if it’s not lifestyle, fashion or food related. I consider this blog a personal diary too, a place I can come back to when I’m 50 years old and I’m hoping that all the things I share will always help me remember who I am, what my mission is and these little personal posts will help conserve the most important phases, changes and memories in my life on Earth. This blog is like my brain outside my body… 🙂

So, as you could already read in the title the biggest thing that’s happening to me right now is that I’m moving. As I already mentioned I go to school in Budapest, but the most part of the week I come back to Sarvar which is my hometown. Adam and I decided that we’d like to create our own little nest together and since I’m not a fan of super small towns we choose a place that’s close to our family, friends and work but is still big enough to socialise and to have strangers. We’re moving to a town called Szombathely. It’s like 20 minutes away from my hometown but it’s an adorable place, a safe haven with all the people we care about. Ok, not all of them but most of them. It always had a special place in my heart to be honest. When I was younger we almost moved here with my family but then my Dad passed away and we stayed. I’m a girl who likes civilisation. Some would call me spoiled but I don’t care. I gotta have a coffee shop nearby where I can go out to, I need a cinema in my town to have a date night with bae (Adam will freak if he finds out that I called him bae 😀 ) and I gotta have at least an H&M nearby to shop hashtag girl problems :D. Szombathely has it all but most importantly, I can’t wait to spend more time with our favourite people. It’ll also be great to be closer to nature, trees, parks, forests and leave the dirt and unpleasant smells of the big city behind. Our new apartment is almost done and we’re hoping to move in next week. OMG, I can’t believe it’s happening. 🙂 I’m so excited.

This change also means that I’m not going to come home to my Mom anymore when I come home from Budapest. Because yes, I still have classes and exams for a couple of weeks and I’m also keeping my flat in Budapest cause we’ll return to the city regularly and we need a place to stay at. I mean…I think I’m afraid to admit it to myself but the mere thought of having a  separate home is so weird. Like every single night I fall asleep I think about how it’s one of the last nights I spend in my old room. I keep noticing small things like old toys, books, even as random things as my favourite blanket makes me cry. I don’t know why I feel like it’s so final when I can return any time I want and I usually can’t wait to leave the house because I’m convinced it has some sort of bad energy due to dramatic events that went down there. On the other hand, I can’t wait to invade our new home. I feel like I’m ready to do this, I know it’s meant to be and that it’s the natural order of things but I just can’t help remembering my Mom and our life together. Like, I’m trying to stop myself from feeling sad right now but I’m tired of playing the mature, independent, young woman and I think I need to embrace even this sad form of change because it’s inevitably means the end of a chapter and I’m not really good at ending things. So I’m just trying to refer to all this as change instead of the end of something. Still, as I’m here among freshly painted walls with no furniture at all it’s hard to imagine that just after a couple of days this will be home.

And if moving, graduating and organising a wedding wasn’t enough we’re getting a puppy too. That’s the reason why we’re rushing to move in ASAP. Our new family member is a miniature dachshund who we named Soufflé which is funny because his dad’s name is “Csoki” that means “Chocolate” in Hungarian. We had the name first and then the puppy so I thinks it’s a really cute coincidence. He’ll be 8 weeks old next Monday and we really want to take him home with us as early as possible so that he can get used to his new home. Having a dog was a lifelong dream of both Adam and I. I was so desperate to have a puppy when I was younger that I wrote pleading letters and figured out twisted ways to manipulate my parents into getting me one. Well, that didn’t happen cause they were fully against keeping a dog in a flat and I respect that now as an adult but since we got our own home, it wasn’t a question if we’re gonna have one or not. 🙂

So yepp, I have plenty of reasons to be excited but I also feel a little overwhelmed a little. I’m glad I can come here any time I want and just pour out my heart. I already feel much much better. Thank you so much for being here and I promise I’ll get back into my normal blogging routine.

Talk to you next week. Bare with me. 🙂

Love and hugs,


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