My Favourite Backpack With the Unpronouncable Label

Hello People of the Internet,

How are things? I proudly announce to you that I’m officially done with writing my thesis. I can lay back at last-but not for long, though-and enjoy the sunshiny days of this beautiful season.

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A little life update: I’m continuously moving between the Budapest-Sárvár-Szombathely triangle and I actually have a flatmate at my place in Budapest who’s one of my best friends. Life feels like a teenage dream when I’m here wit her. She’s like the sister I never had and we have tons of fun. I love spending time with friends generally and I’m so grateful to Life for bringing such an awesome person in my way who I can share the exciting moments of the last semester with.

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We usually spend the afternoons together, skipping class occasionally just to enjoy this incredibly colourful city we can call home for a few days a week. We’re able to finally do girly things that we’ve always been dreaming of, explore new places and make countless pictures for Instagram. 🙂

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This is exactly what we did a week ago when we took a trip to a place called Gellért Hill in the Buda side of the city. It takes about 30 minutes to climb the stairs all the way up to the Statue of Liberty and get lost in the breathtaking view of the city. It feels like you’re looking at Google street view but you’re actually part of the picture. Everything seems so far away but so close at the same time. I definitely recommend taking this little tour cause the air is way cleaner up on the hill than it is downtown and the view is certainly worth the effort and you’ll be gasping for air either from how gorgeous the view is or because you haven’t trained in months and you’re screwed. Or both. 😀

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I have a backpack that I take with me on occasions like this. It’s a swedish brand and it has a name I just can’t pronounce (you’ll find the link at the bottom of this post). 🙂 I’m sure you’re familiar with it, because it’s really popular among fashion-lovers and among people who live more of a hectic lifestyle that demands using practical equipment. These backpacks exist in hundreds of different colours and I choose a black one with a red handle. It fits perfectly with casual, even sporty outfits but the good thing about this brand is that it goes well with even a more elegant white shirt. It’s also waterproof and I can fit so much stuff in there, but it seems like a small bag. If you haven’t found your perfect everyday companion, this should be a great choice.

I also like to wear things that reflect my personality. This backpack speaks “traveler”, “global citizen” and these are qualities that I wanna be known for. It’s so much more than just a simple bag. It’s a reflection of a certain lifestyle and philosophy. The only problem is that I can’t even pronounce its name. 🙂

I hope you guys liked this post. I promise I’ll publish earlier next week but it’s still Wednesday so I’m good, I guess. 😀 Have a great week! I’ll be back in no time with a more serious topic next week.

Love and hugs,


backpack:  Fjallraven kanken

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