S P O S A The Label of Confidence

Hello My Beautiful Friends,

How are you doing? I hope you’re all having a great week and your Easter was a fabulous one. 🙂 It’s getting warmer and warmer here in Hungary so I’m pretty sure the weekend will be a sunshiny one.

Today, I decided to show you a couple of pictures that one of my favourite photographers took when I asked her to shoot a portfolio of me. I actually worked with a super talented group of people: a hair and makeup artist Rita, the amazing photographer Bori, and last but not least Vanda, who’s a sensational fashion designer. This post is also a way of expressing my gratitude for them and today I’d like to write a couple of words about one of the outfits I wore because I fell in love with one of Vanda’s designs.

That particular piece was a coat. It’s like a perfect winter to spring transitional clothing item and I’m sure you know the feeling when a piece of art finds you in the form of something wearable and you’re just meant to be together, right? 🙂 That’s what I felt. The confidence, and self-assurance that took me over wearing that warm but not a bit heavy creation was amazing and I personally feel like it’s worth it to splurge a little from time to time on pieces that make us feel this good and supports a small but very high quality label like S P O S A.

We paired this coat with black, ripped skinny jeans, a simple white T-shirt and a pair of white converse. These are my essentials and you’ll definitely see me wearing these this season. I intended to make this post a short one, because I want the pictures to speak for themselves. I hope you’ll enjoy. 🙂



Love and hugs,



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