How to Make Decisions Ahead of Time

Hello My Dear Friends,

How are you this fine Wednesday? I hope everything goes absolutely well. Today’s topic is going to be about making decisions ahead of time and how this process helps you to be more productive, determined and effective. You’ll probably read things that I already mentioned in my previous post but all of these factors are attached in one way or an other so I’m hoping that you’ll be able to connect the dots.

This technique comes in handy the most when keeping track of my diet or college assignments and free time activities like blogging and YouTube. It helps to keep everything under control. As you all know, healthy eating and weight loss is in constant focus on my blog. So I’m going to share with you my personal thoughts on this method through diet-related examples because I found that it helps a lot to accomplish future goals and plans whatever they might be.

I’m a huge planner. I like to plan my meals, what to wear, I like planning trips and now I plan out a schedule weeks in advance because of my YouTube channels and my blog. I need to keep myself reminded what to do and when. It’s easier to spend an evening or morning with the creative part of the process like coming up with new ideas and it’s also a huge timesaver because when it comes to the actual “doing” part you already know how to do it. It’s not as easy as it sounds at all, though. You can create the cutest little calendars full of tasks if you end up not doing them. If you can’t complete at least 80% of your plans, you’re doing something wrong. I know I did and still to this day do from time to time. When I was in my hardcore dieting phase I literally planned out every single bite I took into my mouth. I created such undoable rules to eat by that I ended up failing. The only thing my mind sensed though was that I wasn’t strong, determined and respectful enough towards my goals creating intense self blame and hatred for myself. Now I see that those plans were never supposed to become reality because the outcome would’ve been tragic. So the moral of the story is that just because you write down everything in bullet points doesn’t make them good plans and doesn’t make those things any easier to stick with.

I was lost in details. It got overwhelming, I had enough so I left it all behind and the overly controlled Fatima started behaving completely out of control by eating way too much, wherever and whenever her heart desired. What I needed was balance. To find a way of middle course. Following a diet plan is always just treating the symptoms not solving the underlying problem itself. I decided to live by new standards like eating more raw food like fruits and veggies, consuming less milk and other dairy products, get off soda completely and last but not least, exercising. Change was a decision in and of it self that I stuck with and I made this decision ahead of time, before any temptation could arose  in order to follow and honour my determination. You see, this is not about counting grams, ounces, calories or points. Those bastards steal the focus from the truly important things like actually realising that you have a problem to solve and that change is created by you and only you (not by magic pills), by practising new habits that become your brand new normality.

Making decisions ahead of time helps and works because you can avoid the constant agony wether you should eat that cupcake or not. Wether you should order a burger too because everyone of your friends that you went out for dinner with do so. Wether you should get to the gym or go running because your brain tells you that you can go tomorrow, that you can start next Monday. Honestly, this is exhausting. This doubtful place is toxic to be at. If you’ve already decided that you don’t choose to eat cupcakes every day anymore, that you’re gonna stick with a ceasar salad this time around, if you truly decided on change, you won’t have second thoughts. You’ll automatically give the right answer to yourself if the doubt even comes to the surface at all. For example: my Mom usually asks me if I wanted some bread with my food (that’s already really rich in carbs by the way, this particular dish is full of potatoes and it’s really yummy), and I answer no to her without hesitation because I decided ahead of time that I don’t need extra bread with potatoes and when the question came up I didn’t have to think of the right answer because it was already out of my mouth before I knew it. Or if someone tries to feed me the second slice of cake I’ll answer them no and I’ll politely repeat it five times if I have to because other people don’t have the right to make me or you feel bad for refusing a slice of dessert. It’s not easy to live like this every minute of every day. We have a hard time saying no to things  and mainly to people we want to take a good impression on but it’s part of the process. By saying no, by actually being able to refuse certain things, we basically clear our minds. We’ll have less things to worry about: we don’t second guess ourselves about not making the right decision. The burden of regret disappears and what is it if not liberating?

When we look at some other aspects of our lives like work or personal career goals, the same decision-making process can be implied in these cases too. I usually write down the next 5 titles of my forthcoming blogposts so I can focus on just one at a time. I also know that I’ll post on Wednesdays because that’s the time it fits best into my schedule, I have time jotting down my ideas on the weekend so when the time comes on Wednesday I only have to create a post according to my outlines. It became a routine but before that, it was a habit practiced for a long long time with better days and bad. I don’t tell myself that I’ll write this post tomorrow. I don’t give myself this option and by not giving yourself the option to fail, consequently you most likely won’t. 

Summing this whole whirl of thoughts up: making decisions ahead of time means that you already know the answers to your own questions and you don’t give yourself the space for procrastination, ignorance and falling back to old habits. You give yourself enough credit and you learn to respect your goals by actually living by your decisions not just planning to finally make them.

That’s it for today my Beautiful People. I hope I could give you a boost of motivating energy with this post.

Have a wonderful Easter! I’ll talk to you next Wednesday!

Love and hugs,


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