What I Ate Today

Hey Everyone,

After last week’s heavy talkin’ I decided to come up with a really simple but very motivating post this week. I’ll show you what I ate throughout my day ! This is something that many people see as irrelevant and completely useless information but I personally LOVE these kinds of posts because I got to know so many great recipes, products that I started using myself and that made my life easier. 🙂

I’d like to mention in advance that this is what I eat generally. I didn’t plan anything out, I just listened to my feelings (and stomach 😀 ) and prepped or grabbed whatever came in mind-between realistic barriers of course. You won’t see me writing down calories and detailed nutritional facts under each meal because I think if you’re able to develop healthy, doable eating habits essentially, you don’t need to do stuff like that. Planning ahead is a different question but nervously counting calories or points is not something that works for me anymore and I’ll write about this later in a more detailed post.

So this morning I woke up pretty hungry and one of my fundamental lifestyle changes I applied a few years ago and became evident is to eat breakfast. I won’t get into the health-benefits of this step because you already know how affective it is to get your system started and to help you think and work better and all that jazz. Every magazine, every health or weight loss related TV show calls out to us to do so and  I agree. With this post-and several others where I share recipes-I’d like to help you guys switch your diet up a little and make your meals yummy and fun. My life tends to get quite hectic. I live in two places at the same time and in Budapest there’s like an unbelievable source of healthy food spots but in my little town near the Austrian border it gets tricky to find such wide selection. That’s why it’s helpful to get creative. This time though, you’ll see what I eat on a typical weekday at college. There’s home cooked meal, there’s takeout so you’ll see how I’m trying to balance out my diet. Without further ado, enjoy this post, I hope I’ll be ablte to show you some really inspiring meal ideas. 🙂


I have these phases where I get hooked on a certain meal for a long time and eat just that. This is how I am with oatmeal. I make mine with coconut milk because I love the tropical sensation of the flavour. Oatmeal is such a great base. You can mix and match almost any fruit with it. You can sweeten it with honey, stevia, pure maple syrup or brown sugar even. This morning I was craving something super filling so I added some crunchy peanut butter in the middle of the bowl (just one tbsp), I also added half of a banana, blueberries, raspberries and some honey on top. My go-to morning drink is definitely green tea. This lemon flavoured one is exceptionally tasty. I didn’t even have a snack after this before lunch because I was so full and satisfied.



Since I was on the go to run errands I didn’t have time to cook lunch myself so I stopped by at one of my favourite restaurants in Buda near Móricz Zsigmond Körtér called “Buono il Treno”. It’s an Italian style fast food place that serves pizza, pasta, salads, soups and changes its menu every season. I had a serving of green pea cream soup and a dish called “Pasta di Rizzo” which is basically strozzapreti in cream sauce with some breaded chicken breast. I couldn’t even finish the whole thing.  The prices are pretty affordable for a place like this in Budapest. I definitely suggest trying out if you’re in the area.



As I already mentioned, I didn’t have a snack today. On the other hand, I’m a coffee junkie. If you go to my instagram you can see how seriously I take my coffee break. I really fell in love with all the cute coffee places in this city and I’m so happy to see young people creating businesses that are aiming to change coffee culture for the better by working with smaller growers and with smaller quantities. Forget about dark roast robusta. This coffee doesn’t need milk or sugar in it. Every cup is a new experience and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most sense blowing drinks on Earth (if prepared correctly). This particular cup of espresso comes from a speciality coffee shop called Kaffeine espresso bar in Buda, near Millenáris Park. They just opened up in February and the coffee is to die for.



On weekdays, I try to keep it light dinner wise. One of my favourite meals to whip up is this simple mozzarella salad with balsamic dressing. It’s done within minutes and you’ll be able to sleep easily because it’s not hard on your digestive system. I also drink plenty of water throughout the day. It’s another one of those lifestyle hacks I introduced and religiously live by. I usually drink two litres and some tea in the morning. I’m a still mineral water kinda girl but sometimes I have an unexplainable craving for its carbonated brother so if that’s the case I’ll go with that.


Sooo, that completes this post. I hope you liked it and helped you lean towards better choices. I’m here to inspire you. Always. 🙂

Have an amazing week!

Love and Hugs,


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