No Soup Today. Pouring Out My Heart About Paris.

Hello my precious Friends,

Let the week begin. I know, it’s already Tuesday and in different parts of the globe the week already started on Sunday but for me it still feels like I’m in the haze of mixed feelings caused by the tragic events of last Friday. Everyone heard what happened in Paris and how ironic, tragic, dramatic and horrific Friday 13th came out to be for parisians and in fact, for the whole world. My eyes still tend to well up with tears if I think about it and to tell the truth, you can’t just simply forget about something like this because wherever I go, I have a weird, uneasy feeling in my stomach that it can happen anywhere, to anyone. Avoiding the subway, or crowded concert halls won’t change the fact of being afraid. Life shouldn’t be about fear, fear is not serving us in any ways, it’s such a negative emotion. It sucks away all our energy, creativity makes us paranoid and prevents us from thinking clearly when we need a clear mind the most. So my week is going to be about trying and learning not be afraid and instead of sinking into apocalyptical thoughts I try to make a difference by spreading my views about solidarity, tolerance and peace.

Although, I was planning to continue my Fall Soup Series with the third recipe I decided to dedicate a post to honour the victims and survivors of this event and pour out my heart to you guys because I feel like I’m going to explode.

First of all, I’m devastated that in a civilized, highly sophisticated european state like France something like this could unfold. My Mom and my friends have been in the spectacular city of Paris for like a million times and it’s sickening to think about the possibility of losing any of them just because a group of radical criminals think that their religion is the only true existing one on Earth and  who thinks otherwise have to die and it’s actually God’s command to kill so it’s not even a sin. How can a person with a brain think like that? I can’t wrap my mind around it.

The other thing that hurts me really deeply is that because of this small group of religious radicals (on world-wide scale they’re still not enough to actually form a real state) every muslim who wants to practice his or her religion between absolutely peaceful circumstances is going to be judged anyways. It’s so wrong to judge all by the actions of just a few. They’re suffering from these events just as much as we do and keeping our distance from them and being mean to them doesn’t help them accustom to our westernised society but makes them see us as people who are hateful. Do you want to be thought of as a hateful person? Do you really want to be marked by such a disgusting quality? I don’t. So I encourage you to think before falling for different stereotypes of different races because today a girl wearing a burka probably needs your support and love more than ever.

The third issue I can’t possibly avoid telling you about is making our behaviour towards other people dependent from their skin colour and/or religion let alone sexual orientation. If you didn’t have white skin, blond hair and blue eyes but instead beautiful dark skin, warm dark eyes and black hair and you’d be bullied all the time without real reason…how would you feel? Wouldn’t be nice, right? The victims of last Friday experienced it first hand where discriminative thinking leads. So if you take the time to think it over you’ll come to the conclusion that it’s completely illogical to purposely hurt anyone you find “different”.  I hate to break it to you but being christian doesn’t make you better than others or being muslim doesn’t take you to a higher level of humanity. You’ll get there when your emotional intelligence evolves  to the point where you can co-exist with other human beings, earthlings without ever declaring them different in a negative way. You’ll get there when you stop thinking about “levels of humanity” and learn to see it as a beautiful, divers whole. It’s not idealism it’s a fact. We’re different but always equal. Although, my studies involve lots of politics I don’t want to be the clever one to say what the “leaders” of the world should do. It’s not my place to do that and to be honest, no one cares what I think about it. One thing I know for sure, though: you and I can always make a difference in our personal lives. We always have a chance to be better people who stay true to their morals even if the crowd goes in the other direction. Even if public opinion encourages us to hate the muslims, hate the jews, hate the refugees we can prove them wrong because they are not the same people as the ones with a troubled mind. Hate is just like fear. They don’t serve us in any way. So take a deep breath and don’t turn your head from people on the street you normally would, smile to them instead and you’re going to have a great day.

May all the victims who died in the incident rest in peace.

I love you guys and I’ll talk to you soon.


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