Fall inspired gourmet salad

Hello lovely people,

I keep coming up with recipes during this past few weeks and I’m so happy, because that means I can share them with you! My goal with this blog is obviously to inspire you guys and give some practical ideas to feel good and make your everyday lives a little more exciting. So I thought what could be better than a flavourful salad on a grey weekday? I’d like to share with you how to make a blue cheese-smoked salmon and pear salad.

Before I get into the recipe let me tell you my encounter with blue cheese. Obviously, I was aware that it’s kind of a mouldy cheese with an intense flavour a sad colour and an almost nauseating smell, hence I never felt the desire to taste it. My fiancé on the other hand eats that thing all day every day. After the hundredth time he tried to put a little bite in my mouth I gave in and let me tell you this: I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh: because I was afraid of a taste that’s safe to say turned out to be one of the richest flavours I’ve ever felt and cry because gosh, I can’t believe I wasted years of my life not eating it. Make no mistake, I still feel overwhelmed sometimes when I eat a small piece on its own but it’s definitely something that makes a difference if you want to be more creative in the kitchen.

This dish is really really easy to make. Since, I’m in total fall-mode (which you can clearly see on my Instagram) I’m constantly craving the seasonal flavours. When it comes to this salad it’s the pear caramelized with agave syrup and balsamic vinegar that makes the whole thing fitting for fall not to mention how well the saltiness and creaminess of the blue cheese complements the sweet and sour, sirupy taste of the fruit. The green salad mix gives a good crunch to the whole thing as a base and the smoked salmon is just another absolutely divine explosion of flavour that again goes perfectly with the other ingredients.

If your mouth started watering read on for the ingredients.

What you need:

half a bag of salad mix (doesn’t really matter what you choose, it depends on what your local grocery store offers momentaraly but ruccola is definitely goes well with this)

a hanfdul of sweet cherry tomatoes cut in halves

a handful of cucumber chopped up

2 small pears or 1 large

1/4 cups of blue cheese cut up into little squares

2 slices of smoked salmon

1 tbsp agave syrup

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

a slice of toasted bread of your choice

What you do:

Place your salad in a large plate and set it aside. Wash your pears and cut them into squares. I didn’t peel them but you can certainly do that if you prefer fruit that way. Start to heat up a saucepan with the balsamic and the agave syrup on medium heat. When the mixture starts bubbling add the pears and let it soften and lose its juices. Then turn the heat up to medium-high and let the mixture thicken a little bit. When it’s done, all you have to do is mix this deliciousness with the salad, so the “dressing” coats all the salad leaves, then place the salmon on top and lastly scatter the little pieces of cheese around as your heart desires. Toast a slice of bread and enjoy!

I hope you’ll love this flavourful and healthy salad. It definitely turns an average day into an extraordinary.

Be good and have a wonderful week!

I love you all,


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