Love Monday? Yes!

Hello, my beautiful Friends, it’s been a while…

I don’t even know where to start this post. So many things have happened since I last sat down to write for you, things that all deserve an individual post so I’ll write all about it later but let me tell you this: life can be a wacky SOB sometimes.

Before everything turned upside down, I really wanted to write about Monday and all the fuss that surrounds it. Whenever I go to check my social media on a Monday morning, it’s full of “funny” and witty pictures that represent different ways of surviving the first day of the week (for us hungarians it’s the first anyways). Although, they usually make me laugh I can’t help but wonder why this negativity behind the jokes was actually born?

Even in my family, my dad used to tell me that he hated Sunday because it was followed by Monday so it completely overshadowed the weekend itself that should’ve been happy and carefree. It might be stupid but this kind of thinking stuck with me and I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed feeling depressed every single Sunday. When I was at high school, I was constantly worried about my grades and I really couldn’t find my place in my class.  Fortunately, I made one close and true friend who was actually my bench-mate so she brightened up my mood along with some other girls who I didn’t get too close but had a great time with. We’re really similar in many ways and we still are great friends. I honestly don’t know how I would’ve survived those 5 years without her so thank you Patricia for being my partner in crime.

The situation got better when I started university, because I could manage my time myself, I had less things to worry about and more importantly, I finally moved from my hometown. I won’t describe how I still to this day feel when I’m there in detail because I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings but sometimes it was living hell. So after all of this small-town madness I wass finally able to move to the city I’ve always dreamed of: Budapest. It’s big, divers and it never sleeps, it’s full of interesting people and all the sickness of big cities too but I could melt in go with the flow that felt awesome after being the “arabic girl” for years. I love my uni and the stuff I learn there, so I’m actually looking forward to get back to school every time the weekend is coming to an end.

These changes really helped me appreciate the challenges and difficulties that come to my way when the week starts so my number one advice if you’re not a Monday person is to find a place in life where you feel best, where you feel like you belong, where the attitude of people you work or study with is more on the positive side. It won’t be perfect, it won’t be easy you’ll have to study things at school you don’t find useful, you’ll meet mean people that’ll suck out your energy like a vampire but the point is that when you look at your life you feel satisfied with the big picture, otherwise you’ll be unhappy and not only on Sundays…

Enough of the heavy. I have this thing about starting fresh on Monday. It’s like God gave you a clean slate and a chance to do better because we always can: eat less, exercise more, be more patient, spend less money, the list is really endless. Every Sunday I like to plan ahead and check on my schedule, cross tasks out that I already completed. It makes me feel so happy, even if it was something really small like water the plants. Making a list of things you have to do, helps with staying focused and to be more aware of the things that are expected of you and the ones that you expect from yourself. So take the time to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee, put on your favourite tune and start planning. It seriously helps.

Another thing that really gets me excited is creating my outfit for the next day. I like to look my best (who doesn’t) but it usually takes too much time to find matching clothes, do my makeup and even eat breakfast, so putting together my outfit in advance is not only entertaining but really comes in handy on a busy morning. I usually go with something semi-formal for school. On the picture below I’m wearing a flowy shirt with cute little arrows on it and dark-washed jeans that are perfect even if you have a presentation during that day like I had (H&M). My flats are Tommy Hilfiger and I’ve been wearing them for years, although they were pretty pricy. As always, I went easy on the accessories and minimal on the makeup. I really like the “no makeup makeup look” cause it’s easy to create and comfortable to wear. As for my hair, I only washed and blew dry it. I usually make a side braid, leave it in overnight and in the morning I end up with these beautiful natural, heatless waves that look really girly in my opinion.



I even choose the scent I’m gonna be putting on and I usually like to wear something light but sweet (Miss Dior). These little details mean a lot and make a huge difference when it comes to my mood.

Lastly, count your blessings. I know, it sounds like a cliché but be thankful for what you have, even if it’s not much. I’m thankful for my loving family, my amazing, inspiring Mom, my dangerously handsome, understanding and patient fiancé, my aunt that’s been basically my second mother over the 21 years of my life, my cousins that can crack jokes like no other comedians, my friends that listen to all my whining and mumbo-jumbo over coffee, my aunts and uncles who despite living in the middle east support me as best as they can. I have an awesome English teacher too who I shared so many happy memories with and who encourages me to get better at perfecting my knowledge and find the beauty even in the most boring grammatical rules. I thank God, because I know he’s looking after me along with my dad whose memory makes me want to do more and be more.

Find your motivation guys and enjoy Monday!




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