The ultimate “Pajta” experience


Hello beautiful people,

today I’d like to share with you one of the most pleasant dining/mini getaway experiences I’ve ever had at a gorgeous place on the west-hungarian countryside called “Pajta”. The word means “Barn” in English which absolutely covers reality but offers so much more. The beautiful field where the old barn used to stand now gives home to a complex of one restaurant and a concert/outing venue. They’re currently expanding the restaurant building in order to make everyday work more comfortable in the kitchen. In this post I’d like to write about what the atmosphere felt like, how we liked the food and how we were treated by the hosts, because when it comes to hospitality the personal aspect is crucial.


I came across this place when I first started looking for wedding venues in February after we got engaged with my boyfriend. I was really frustrated because we knew exactly what we wanted but just couldn’t say yes to any of the possibilities. On one hand, when it comes to weddings hungarian taste can really lack creativity compared to the standards you see in the USA, England or even western parts of Europe. It’s ridiculously eclectic and slushy when it comes to decoration, not to mention how unimaginative the dinner menu can be. So, we were desperate. I even started looking at places in Austria because fortunately most of our relatives and friends live near the border. After getting hit in the face with an overwhelmingly expensive price offer we realised the idea was just not affordable for our budget. That same night my genious fiancé told me that we should look if there are any great places in the area called “Őrség”. We’ve been there several times in the past for day-trips but somehow forgot about it since then and Google wasn’t nice enough to show results in the area so we had to type specific search words to  finally find The One. As soon as we saw Pajta’s homepage and scrolled through the photo gallery we knew it was the place where we want to make our happily ever after official. The buildings are surrounded by lush fields, trees and wild flowers. Everything is just naturally beautiful and almost seems  untouched. If you’re lucky enough, you can see deers, rabbits and birds which is so relaxing if you live a busy life in the concrete jungle. IMG_7679

When you walk inside it doesn’t feel like you’re in a restaurant as a guest. It’s more like having lunch or dinner at a friend’s house. Everyone was smiling warmly at us (it wasn’t that forced smile you see so many times but an honest and happy one that makes you feel loved and appreciated). The decoration was simple but very pretty: they set fresh flowers on the tables, the big windows make the place super light so you can soak in the sunshine and can admire the view.


Now let’s talk about food. Oh my…that chef. I’m not a food critic or anything. I believe in focusing on great experiences and sharing positive opinion when it comes to eating out. I knew we will get high quality and very tasty food but the actual experience was way better than I expected. Every dish, every course is a piece of art at the Barn. Everything looked like it was straight out from a gourmet food magazine and the different ingredients were so in tune with each other that using the term “foodporn” wouldn’t cover reality. The experience was much more than that: you could feel the intelligence everything was created with and this kind of food not only tastes like a symphony of flavours but is also really healthy. It’s not surprising: every possible ingredient is bought from local farmers and prepared with care. I choose carrot cream soup, fried chicken with parmesan polenta and broccoli, as dessert I had the banana-toffee-nut cream which was smooth, crunchy and fruity at the same time. I like desserts that are not necessarily in-to-your-face sweet so this was just perfect along with their cardamom-latte.


Pricewise Pajta is more on the pricier side if we compare it to the hungarian standards but worth every penny. If we take the quality into count and the overall experience it’s not too much money at all. Whether you want to treat yourself and your family with something special, or you’re a tourist who wants to make an extraordinary culinary and sightseeing experience at the same time or if you just got engaged and looking for a romantic, outdoor wedding venue this is the place for you.

I hope you guys loved this review, I really feel like places like this deserve nice words and more publicity because hopefully this is the future.

With all my love,


instagram: @pajta.barn

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