Laced with happiness

Happy Sunday Guys,

today I decided to write about the outfit I wore at my birthday dinner at a wonderful vintage restaurant. For now I’ll just say that the place is everything a girly girl could wish for: blush pink flowers everywhere, eclectic, white garden chairs at the tables, white hardwood floors and the most beautiful crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I’d like to write a post specifically about the restaurant experience in the next few weeks: the service, the food and the interior design, so stay tuned!

When I started thinking about outfits for the event the only thing I knew was that a special place deserves a special dress and I wanted to look like a girl that actually lives that pink-vintage-life with flowers in her hair…(yes, I’m a hopeless romantic). So, I took off to look for The Dress. At events like this I always feel best in dresses. Somehow, I never consider jeans or other possibilities, I always like to go with a dress and heels. It’s probably because on weekdays and lazy weekends I  go with a pair of good ol’ jeans and T-shirts with sneakers or ballerina shoes. I hardly ever wear heels, because I feel like it slows me down: I have quite a hectic schedule at university and I constantly have to run from one place to another and since I mostly use public transportation it’s almost impossible to move around in heels all day long. I believe that it’s not the length of your heel that decides wether you look chic or not anyway. There are so many ways to look extraordinary but still stay comfy and I like to look for outfits that offer both. Although, this time everything was just perfect to get out of my comfort zone.

When I go to the mall I like to look around in H&M, Zara, and Mango. I’d be the happiest person if we had Primark, American Eagle, Charlotte Russe or Topshop but we don’t so I need to work with the above-mentioned.

This time I found a beautiful lace dress at Zara in an oatmeal-ish color. I instantly fell in love with the sleeves, the neckline and the flower-pattern of the lace. It looks really romantic and completely helped me creating the look that I was going for. My usual size when buying dresses is medium but I almost had a meltdown when I looked into the mirror and saw how freakin’ short it was. I wanted that dress so badly so I tried a size large on and it fitted perfectly and for the first time in my life I could be happy for the look and not worry about the size. In most cases, I would’ve thrown the bigger dress away and walk out of the shop just because I’m too proud to wear a size large but we have to accept that there are so many different styles and textures that in order them to look as designed, we need compromise.


I didn’t even bother with jewelry too much because I wanted the simple elegance of this piece of art do the “job”. I had a pair of small rose gold earrings and of course my engagement ring on but I felt like it was more than enough.

As for hairstyle-as you can see-I let my hair down, but a romantic updo would go very well with this look too. As far as makeup goes, I kept it simple: I put on my usual foundation, because I just have to cover my acne scars, 2 eyeshadows a lighter one that I put in the inner corner of my eyes and as a base, and a light brown one that I put in my crease area and I just blended the two together. For a final touch I used eyeliner to create a cat-eye and mascara of course. You’ll never see me with false lashes because one thing I’m proud of are my natural ones and I’m too scared to put glue on them. 😀 I used a pink blush and a light pink lipgloss. I’ll share my everyday makeup routine with my detailed opinion of the products too in the near future.

I hope you liked this little review. I loved writing it. I’m planning on share posts every Sunday and Wednesday. So stay tuned and stay awesome cause you already are!



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